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Peg's Peppy Salt (7 oz pouch)  ---  NEW!
back of Peppy pouch
Peg's Peppy Salt (7 oz pouch)  ---  NEW!
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Peg's Peppy Salt (7 oz pouch)  ---  NEW!

Peg's Peppy Salt (7 oz pouch) --- NEW!

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Peg's Peppy Salt brings a touch of savory heat but not the burn! This Tex-Mex variation of Peg's Salt with chili powder, turmeric, and other spices adds pizzaz to meat, tacos, rice, and more. A favorite for those who love to use the grill or smoker. Contains no sugar, fillers, MSG, gluten, or GMOs.

Ingredients: Salt, chili powder, garlic, spices, parsley, paprika

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nancy Gawrys

I love the new Peppy Salt. Just made a batch of french fries with it and there was not a single fry left. Once again, a hit product.

Ooooooo, we haven't tried that one, Nancy! Thanks so much for the tip and for taking the time to review. You are one special customer!

Will P.
Amazing flavor!

I thought I couldn't love Peg's anymore but the Peppy Salt has proven me wrong.

There's a lot I love about it: there's no sugar, it has a deep flavor without an overwhelming heat, and most cajun or tex-mex salts are too salty. By the time you get the flavor of the other seasonings you've oversalted whatever it is you're cooking, even with the low sodium versions. Not the case with Peg's. It has the perfect amount of salt.

We love finding new uses for Peppy Salt! It makes a great blackening seasoning. We do a lot of fishing so we have had it on seared tuna, grilled fish, and as a finishing salt on fried seafood. We've used it on roasted potatoes, brussels, avocado, roasted butternut squash, and popcorn. It's amazing on corn on the cob, grilled and finished with crema and cotija cheese. Sprinkle it on some grilled pineapple, grill it, and prepare to have your mind blown. It also makes a flavorful compound butter- great on steaks, breads, or for grilling an unforgettable grilled cheese sandwich.

Buy it. You need it. Life is too short to go without it.

Will, this is a masterpiece of a review! Thank you sooo much for not only buying our products (and gifting friends) but taking our flavors into wild, delicious territory! Especially good to hear that you are enjoying the Peppy Salt. We will certainly try the pineapple at home because it sounds implausible but yummy. Wishing you a terrific holiday.

leonel ledesma
Taste amazing

Same great product with a little kick!! Taste great!!

Thanks ever so much! We are still discovering new ways to enjoy this latest creation! Glad you are happy with it.

Tim Blassingame
Peg's Peppy Salt Hits the Spot

My salt was delivered this week and I immediately opened the bag to give it a taste. It's really good and not overpowering with the heat element. I've tried it on several things and it enhances and brings out the flavor of the food. I will definitely be ordering more. Well done!

Thank you so much, Tim! We are so happy that you enjoy the flavor of our latest creation. (We agree with your assessment!)

Jon Gibbs
I'm hooked

The top shelf of my spice rack looks like an end-cap in a cool grocery store:

Peg's Sea Salt - Peg's Popcorn Salt - Peg's Pink Sea Salt - Peg's Peppy Salt.

I may be hooked. See for yourself. Cass and Michael are the best -- Responsive, informative, and helpful.

Give it a try! You'll see what I mean.

-- Jon Gibbs

Jon, we would love to visit your kitchen and marvel at the display! : - D. Thank you so much for being a long-time and loyal supporter.