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What a Perfect Work Day Would Look Like

Things never go according to plan when we set out to do great things in eight hours.

I'm writing this after hanging on the telephone with Amazon Support for an hour. It is the 31st call that I have made to Amazon. They all involve the same problem: you try to edit a listing and it doesn't work. Sometimes it won't upload at all. Other times, one action creates a completed unrelated problem. Regardless of the reason, it sucks up a lot of time.  

But let's stick with the positive headline. A perfect day would look like this: 

Michael and I would rise at 5 a.m. after a flawless night's sleep. We would retreat to our separate domains for an hour. He reads news online and catches up with Facebook and emails or whatever. I usually put on ambient instrumental music and commune with my creative spirit. That can mean anything--writing in my journal, catching up on correspondence, reading emails, reading a book or newspaper, drawing, doing laundry, or buying stuff.  

At 6 a.m., we would meet over our respective coffee and tea for a staff meeting. We would plan our day, making a list that includes: 

  1. Going to the Salt Mine to make and package salt
  2. Sending out orders and replenishing inventory
  3. Creating interesting web content and posts
  4. Ordering necessary supplies
  5. Keeping the books up to date
  6. Organizing all of our image files and documents
  7. Cleaning the office...and, since this is a perfect day, cleaning the whole house and cutting the lawn

 At 4 p.m., we would be done with all of the above and we would go off to play Pickleball singles. He would win one game, I would win one game, and we would tie for the third. Happy, tired, and triumphant, we would return home to prepare a simple but delicious dinner that heavily relies on Peg's Salt. The wine would be superb as we toast the setting sun...just another perfect day for the lucky workers at Peg's Salt.

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