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One of our best customer testimonials ever!

We are so grateful for customer reviews. Because they all touch upon something we share--a taste for Peg's Salt products--it's a lot like hearing from family. It would be impossible to pick a best review. Many involve receiving Peg's Salt as a gift or discovering it at a friend's house. I once found a note tucked under my windshield wiper, simply saying how much the writer loved our products. It really means a lot to know that people love this salt as much as I always did. 

Although it's years old, this one from Dana really says a lot: 

"When I first found this salt at an in-store demo at Whole Foods, my daughter liked it with the bread and oil so I picked up a jar. In the year since, this salt has improved the way our family eats. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the idea of weeknight dinners and inevitably caving into the pre packaged options, I know I can put out a home-cooked meal fast. This salt is so flavorful that a 15-minute marinade with some lemon and olive oil is all that it takes for a delicious meal. My whole family and even guests loves everything I cook with Peg's Salt. In fact, it's even inspired me to cook with foods outside of my comfort range because I know it will turn out wonderful. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing a family recipe with us. You've got a customer for life."

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