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Love & Salt

Since I started the company in 2012, I have publicized the story of Peg's Salt far and wide--how my mother created the recipe, how she gave it away to family and friends, and how so many people have come to love and share her seasoned salt. I handled every aspect of Peg' Salt in the early years, mixing batches in an approved production space at home. I traveled all over Virginia, visiting small grocery stores and specialty shops. Whole Foods started carrying Peg’s Salt in 2013, and I regularly visited their stores to conduct demos. 

Food Lion picked up Peg’s Salt for its Local Goodness shelves shortly after I moved to Staunton in 2018. I was lucky enough to establish a partnership with Vector Industries, a nonprofit organization that trains and employs disabled workers, to help fill what was at that time a huge order. Peg’s Salt found a new home inside the Vector Industries warehouse soon after.

Still, I was the sole employee of Peg's Salt.  And then came Michael.

 Michael and I connected through an online dating site in late March 2020, just as the pandemic was taking hold. Schools and businesses were closing; hospitals were filling up; and sales were growing. It was clear that Michael and I had a lot in common. We managed to meet and get to know one another despite the distancing recommendations, the fears, and the uncertainty. We pursued our courtship with love, courage, and faith--pretty much the same way that we operate Peg's Salt together.

Michael has an array of skills that benefit Peg’s Salt. He loves cooking and sharing good food. He brought help in areas of finance, production, marketing, and data analysis at just the right time. And he offers creative ideas and insights that I could never generate as a one-person operation. We make an extraordinary team. He calls me Buttercup; I call him Tiger.

We're looking forward to building the company and a life together in the years to come.  On May 28, we plan to marry and celebrate among a small gathering of family, friends, and neighbors. That's why Peg's Salt will be closed from that day through June 3.   After that, we will be back at work, doing all the things we love to do in bringing you more flavor and more joy.

Selling in March at the VA Food & Beverage Expo