Primitive Pumpkin Seeds








 This is sort of a "caveman days" way to get those pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkin and into your mouth so you too will be smiling! Seeds are unwashed, tossed with Peg's Salt, and baked until browned and crunchy. This recipe may be too scary for those who like clean shiny seeds but the toasty pumpkin flavor is lost if you rinse them off. 

Scoop out seeds with your hands while they are still IN the pumpkin. They tend to clump like grapes so you can get handfuls at a time. Leave a little of the pumpkin "goo" on the seeds. It makes the salt stick and gives them the best flavor! 

Put seeds in a bowl. Toss with a little Peg's Salt. (You'll add more later.) Liberally grease a cookie sheet with oil. Spread seeds across the cookie sheet in a single layer. It is fine if there are strands of pumpkin between seeds; it makes them taste great.  Sprinkle with more Peg's Salt so they are nice and salty--like ballpark peanuts salty! You can also sprinkle on paprika or anything else to suit. 

Bake at 325 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Stir halfway through to be sure seeds get crisp and dry. 

Cool, pour into a bowl, and restrain yourself from eating every last one.