About Peg's Salt


Peg's Salt How to Use Peg's Salt

Peg's Salt naturally enhances the flavor of nearly any food. You can use it alone or in any recipe that calls for salt.

What is in Peg's Salt?
The original Peg's Salt uses U.S. kosher salt, the kind preferred by most restaurant chefs because of its irregular grains and gentle flavor. Peg's Pink Salt is made with Pink Himalayan and Pacific kosher sea salts.

More than 20 common spices go into a jar of Peg's Salt or Peg's Pink Salt –- garlic, pepper, parsley, thyme, rosemary, paprika, etc. Peg's Pink Salt has a higher proportion of salt in relation to spices because of the coarser grains in the Pink Himalayan and kosher sea salt blend. While both have the same savory flavor and effect, some find Peg's Pink to taste a bit "softer" than the original.

Regarding ingredients, allergies, and dietary concerns
Peg's Salt does not contain gluten, sugar, GMOs, or MSG. Some spices are organic but not all. While the salt is certified kosher, Peg's Salt is not processed in a kosher facility. It is hand-mixed in a separate home kitchen where no nuts, wheat, or soy products are used or stored. However, it is not certified as free of any particular ingredient.

Regarding particular sensitivities: Peg's Salt does not contain cilantro. It does have red and black pepper, which comprise the nightshade family. 

Cass Cannon Owner of Peg's Salt The original version of Peg's Salt uses kosher flake salt–the kind that is widely used by chefs in restaurants–which contains an anti-caking agent called yellow prussiate of soda. YSP keeps the salt from clumping and it meets standards set by Whole Foods Market and the European Union as a food-safe additive. Peg's Pink Salt does not contain YSP or any additives.